Understanding Barriers to Accessing Skills Development and Employment for Youth in Argentina and South Africa

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    01/2014 - 12/2015


Responsable: Claudia Jacinto
Integrantes: Verónica Millenaar, Alejandro Burgos, Eugenia Roberti, Mariana Lucía Sosa, Delfina Garino, Carolina Dursi, eugenia, María Eugenia Martin


(Proyecto radicado en el IDES y REAL Centre at the University of the Witwatersrand in South Africa.)

The studies analysed three main issues: (1) the quality of youngsters jobs, employment, volunteering, and learnerships; (2) policies regarding work preparation and deployment, including the conceptual approaches, guidelines and designs of implementation; and (3) youth opportunities in the construction and wine production sectors. Emphasis was placed on knowledge of the relationships between the various actors within society, state, non-state, public and private national and international institutions.

Palabras clave: Habilidades Empleo Jóvenes Argentina Sudáfrica