About IDES

IDES (Instituto de Desarrollo Económico y Social / Institute of Economic and Social Development) is a non-profit civil association, specializing in academic research, dedicated to studying economic, social, historical, political, and cultural issues, with a goal of contributing to significant scientific advancements. It is an open institution, which especially invites young researchers and professionals to investigate any of its multiple core issues.

IDES’s foundation dates back to the ideas originating from Developmentalism in the early 1960s, and to the consequent discussion by intellectuals, professionals, and experts, specializing in economic, social, and cultural matters, about policies for Argentine development. In 1958, a group of economists, sociologists, historians, and political scientists all involved in the Junta de Planificación Económica de la Provincia de Buenos Aires (the Council for Economic Planning for the Province of Buenos Aires), an initiative inspired by Aldo Ferrer, created the Journal of Economic Development (Revista de Desarrollo Económico) in order to disseminate their findings. Its academic presence attracted other researchers, academics, professionals, and students, who were inspired to come together to form IDES in the city of Buenos Aires on November 8, 1960.

The main objectives of IDES are:

  1. promote and encourage research in social sciences.
  2. present a forum for the free discussion of ideas.
  3. disseminate scientific production through the publications program.
  4. assemble specialists in working projects for the analysis of relevant problems.
  5. develop refresher, training, and improvement programs through classes and seminars for graduates.
  6. promote the exchange and connection between specialists and/or institutions in our field of study, as well as with their peers from all over the world.

The programs, projects, and activities of the institution have been declared of interest by the Ministry of Education and Justice of the Nation (Resolution 972/1991) and the Honorable Chamber of Deputies of the Nation (Resolution 1/12/2010). IDES received the Konex Humanities Award in 1996 and has obtained the institutional grant from MinCyT since 1999.

About CIS

The Center for Social Research (CIS) is a double-dependency Implementation Unit, that is, it is part of both IDES and the National Scientific and Technical Research Council (CONICET). It was created in 2013 under Directory Resolution 517/13 CONICET.

CIS specifically proposes:

  1. Carry out scientific research on specific topics within the field of social sciences.
  2. Develop these investigations within the particular thematic areas of the research programs.
  3. Promote and implement the training of human resources (interns, researchers in training), thus consolidating existing research programs.
  4. Promote the formation of new programs and new lines of research, obtaining national and international recognition, and training new generations of researchers, in the climate of openness, freedom, and intellectual debate that defines IDES.
  5. Strengthen and expand a cutting-edge scientific development environment that provides training opportunities for young researchers.
  6. Promote research cooperation networks, with the consolidation of already existing inter-institutional links, national and international.
  7. Promote interdisciplinarity and the exchanges of experiences between researchers and groups.
  8. Promote continuous updates of knowledge and scientific-technical exchanges.
  9. Carry out actions aimed at promoting the dissemination and broad social application of the scientific knowledge generated under the framework of CIS.

The following is a list of the research groups of CIS: